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Scott Pollack aka Street
International Touring Artist

The Street from the band Dr. 8



EP Album Selections From - Songs from Rogers Park


The Street is back on the boards.


Scott Pollack has had a distinguished career. Emerging from the acting stages of Chicago in the earlier heydays of Chicago alternative theater and having been part of three repertoire ensembles, namely the famed Wisdom Bridge Theater, which is David Mamet's, as well as, directors David Baerd and Robert Falls stomping grounds in their earlier days, The Quicksilver repertoire, and later the storied Free Street Theater of Patrick Henry. Street all the while had been honing his skills at the solo singer/songwriter guitar presentation, having performed all over Chicago, including the Cubby Bear, the venerable grande dame of folk houses The No Exit Cafe', and Pat Haran's Upstairs Hideaway where he held the longest standing gig for a solo acoustic guitarist ever in the history of Rush St. At times, also sharing the stage as an opening act for rock greats like Enuff Z'Nuff and Chicago blues rock legend Steve Arvey. He also penned a rock musical during those times called Chicago Rock and Roll about the teen prostitution undergound, and still very relevant in today's world.


Later on because of his acute business acumen, Street went behind the curtain to lead The Chicago Songwriter's Association as its chairman, and went on to form Worldwide TMA with long time friend and partner Steve Arvey, which led him to resurge the career of famed pop/soul artist: Betty Everett. See later career. Alas, Ms. Everett's stage fright did get the better of her, and she could not follow through with the well planned route he'd laid out, which would have placed her first single in over 15 years, at the time, at a solid debut number 16 on the charts from day one. Needless to say, Street retired from the biz at that point, only shyly venturing out here and there.


Well, as his publicist, how could I watch one of the best tenor voices anywhere in the country sit and wither away? It was very hard, I can assure you.


In 2006, after a bad auto accident, Steve, convinced him to open shop again. When they did, as usual, they did it with a bang. But it was a distant thunder, to use a twist of phrase. If you're interested in that story it can be viewed, here -


Meanwhile, still sitting quietly in the background while trying to help others with his considerable consulting skills, and managing the career of his partner Arvey, there I was doing the flat work, and haranguing him to get back on the stage! No, was the only answer I received. An emphatic NO!


Something happened though. He reconnected with his high school sweetheart Kris. Thank G-d, that's all it took to set him ablaze again. Now why didn't I think of that? He's constructed a special travelling sound rig, so that his vibe can be consistently reproduced faithfully no matter the venue or sound system, and be done efficiently which you'll experience at all of his performances from here forward. No one presently in his end of the spectrum has anything quite like it.


Ladies and gentlemen, I am over joyed to be able to say once again, he's alive, well, and his voice is as strong as ever, and I bring you the talents of The Street aka Scott Pollack from the band Dr. 8. You'll soon hear one of the most distinct tenor voices in the biz today, whether it's a rock tune, a folk song, a jazz melody or a country story, no one, and yes I say no one, will thrill you with the sound of their pipes like this distinguished artist and songwriter, and he's a helluva acoustic guitar player. You'll see.


Ladies and Gentlemen, if it pleases you, I give you The Street!