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Steve Arvey
International Touring Artist

Steve Arvey portrait taken in Italy 2010



Album Selections From - Steve Arvey-X

Worldwide TMA is very particular these days. Though we have been consultants on many projects including being the managment firm to have brought the great soul & pop artist, Betty Everett to a comeback in the 90's, nothing is more enduring than our relationship with Mr. Steve Arvey.


Steve Arvey has had one of the longest, and steadiest earning careers of anybody in his peerage, whether they're from Chicago, or anywhere else. All of this, during a well traveled career. His international footprint is one of the largest and best in the gig-market industry. When Steve is at work in one of the markets under his control, countless club owners and festival promoters on three different continents will attest, that for the last 30 years, the name Steve Arvey not only gives them critically acclaimed performances but more importantly, great box office.


In the gigging and festival markets across the globe, Steve has had more critical success than we can account for here, which includes accolades for ten albums, especially Bittersweet Records' Big Road Blues currently still, in most Blues album charts, amongst the top forty albums worldwide, and Steve Arvey-X which made Music Tampa Bay's number one slot. His tenure at the venerated Chicago Blues Festival is unmatched as of this date, having performed there in an eight year consecutive perennial stint.


In the last four years, we relocated his gigging operations to the Tampa Bay area, where you'll find, and anyone from Tampa's vast music scene will tell you, everybody knows Steve! He's made several appearances on-air live at WMNF as well.


Worldwide TMA couldn't be more proud of it's prodigal son.


Further inquiries are directed through Steve's home site.


Thank you for your interest in Worldwide TMA and Steve Arvey's career.